14 May 2008

Expanding my media empire

Much like Rupert Murdoch, I started out small. Just this wee blog with its ones, maybe even tens of fans. After a time it became obvious to all that I needed to make some acquisitions to achieve my goal of total world domination. A broken down mimeograph machine, a pair of walkie-talkies, maybe even a custom license plate holder would have been a step in the right direction, but I went "bolder". I wrote a couple of Ficlets.

I know. Next thing you know I'll be buying the Wall Street Journal.

Anyway, should you want to, you can come read me over there. It's a pretty interesting site, where the pieces are limited to 1024 characters (that's right, I said characters not words) and registered users can write prequels and sequels to any pieces they so choose. I'd be deeply humbled if any of my readers were to join up and write a continuation of one of my stories sometime.

For those of you who follow me through my RSS feed, I've changed that up a bit as well. I created a Yahoo Pipe to consolidate the feed from here and my Ficlets so they'll all publish together. That's done behind the scenes, so if you're already subscribed (and if you're not I highly recommend it to always get the freshest Coyote possible) my Ficlets will soon be appearing in your reader of choice alongside all the great popculture, ranting, and sketch writing you've come to expect. If you aren't already subscribed, click here.