20 May 2008

What I'm doing, where I'm going

Like many others, when I write more I blog less. My radio silence over the past few days has been correlated to a small increase in output in general. There were a few Ficlets over the weekend (more coming) and my first post for another (*way* more popular) site which will be showing up in a few days or so. More importantly, my Pushing Daisies spec has an *almost* complete breakdown now.

I'm missing an act out for the second act, and I suspect that's because I've pushed my stakes a bit too high later on in the script. I also want to re-watch a few episodes to see whether I can't swing going out on my B-story for one Act Two. I'm also a little worried that Acts Four and Five have similar outs, but they're probably different enough to be okay. Another hour or two of fine-tuning and I start beating the whole story out. That puts me right on schedule to have this beyatch scripted and out for feedback well early enough to comfortably make the Disney deadline. (Now, if the ABC website would get the new application materials up, that would be awesome.)

If you'll recall, I recently mused about various social networking tools/sites and came up blank on Twitter. Well, I'm starting to get it. If you want to see me snark in 140 character bites, follow me here.

And now two for your entertainment. First, take a look at Mightygodking's thoughts on Obama's running mate.

And finally, here's Chad Vader, back and doing his best Troy McClure impersonation.

There's video above, FeedReader