15 September 2006

Ballads of Baudelaire

Stephin Merritt + Lemony Snicket = Crazy Delicious.

Like the Beowulf story, this one also came from Neil Gaiman's blog...it's at least a small comfort to have this while waiting for the next Eternals and the release of Absolute Sandman.


Angela said...

Have you read Gaiman's Books of Magic? I have a theory that JK Rowling ripped off the idea for Harry Potter. Darn muggle.

R.A. Porter said...

I actually haven't, but Gaiman doesn't believe it's ripped off:

"...I said to her that I thought we were both just stealing from T.H. White: very straightforward. But then I saw an online interview with the mad muggles lady where they were asking her about me and they said: what about Neil Gaiman? And she said: Well, he's been gotten to."