21 September 2006

Political Signs are Just Soooo Ugly!!!

Again with the crappy TV in the locker room. I really should just stop working out (again.) This morning, there'd been a local news story about the Scottsgrad City Council holding meetings to determine whether to ban temporary signs, such as political signs. Because that's a good use of tax dollars: getting into a protracted legal fight that they can't win.

I missed the story, but I did get to hear about the online poll results and the opinions of the "personalities". When they cut to the traffic/weather/whatever bimbo, she opined that she didn't like the signs, what with them being eyesores and all.

Then again, she hasn't voted since that unsuccessful junior-year pep squad putsch for the student council.


Angela said...

But dude, don't you like watching hot blondes on the news giving their two cents? Did she at least flash some cleavage or show some bounce?

My word verification is "vqkrrl". Is that a relative of yours? The Van QuarK Squirrel?

R.A. Porter said...

I prefer my anorexic blondes to be shimmying on poles or standing on street corners.

Ooh...that was harsh.

How about...I prefer my charming newsreaders to read the news and engage in less banter. Better?

Angela said...

Smart and sassy R.A., I like your style.

Why do so many anorexic blondes have suspiciously big boobage? God rarely hands out nice tits to waifs.

My word verif here is "dookay".

"Doodoo, m'kay?"