04 September 2006

Sean has seen the scene

"Mama? Mama, why cain't nobody say my name rightly?"

"Babydoll, I don't reckon I know what you mean."

"Teacher says it's s'posed to be 'nounced 'Shawn'."

"What?! That's just crazy talk, baby. Your'n name's Sean. Any fool can tell how to say that right. Just like 'Seen'."

I jest. Honestly, I don't think this dude's mother is like Ma Kettle. It seems more likely that MSNBC's former weekday chief Meteorologist is probably just a little retarded. Or his parents were meth-heads. Or both.

Anyway, I didn't know he existed until this weekend. But watching CBS's crappy Open coverage (USA is so much better) my local affiliate is trumpeting his triumphant return as equivalent to the rise of Katie Couric to the network newsdesk. Hmm...maybe they are equivalent...fluffy, coiffed, pointless teleprompter readers sitting in where journalists don't tread.


Angela said...

All the Seans I know are tools. One Sean's last name is Bean. I also know a Penelope, and I pronounce it the way it's spelled. Penn-ah-lope. Cuz I'm a jerk.

R.A. Porter said...

Ah...the majestic Penelope. Truly a magnificent animal.

Seriously though...do any of the Seans you know actually pronounce their name "Seen"? 'Cause I really am not kidding, that's how they kept saying it during the promos.

Angela said...

No, I don't know any Seens, that's just nucking futs. They are all normal guys.

Maybe he just wants to stand out. In a world full of assholes, the biggest asshole wins.

Bubbly Theater said...

Muahahaha... That reminds me of our germany "yankees" from the east. When they were shut away they compensated their freedom with extravagant names. But due to their dullness they named their kids e.g. "Maikel" instead of (englishly pronounced Michael), or "Schantall" instead of Chantall.