09 September 2006

Hey Hey! It's Andy Roddick!

Sittin' here, watching the Open. Roger cruised as expected, and it's 3-3 in the first set of the Roddick/Youzhny semi. Andy gave up a service game already in this set, but he just broke Mikhail at love. He looks vulnerable to me today, not like "the best man in the sport" as superfan John Macom of Binge sings. Yah. There's an Andy Roddick song. And it su-hu-uh-hu-ucks. Better than I could write, for sure...but, um, that's not an endorsement.

I do like the (un?)intentional irony of this line, though: "Hey Hey! It's Andy Roddick – Watchin' that boy play it's so hypnotic, exotic, quixotic." I certainly consider defeating Federer an impossible dream. Then again, is the watching quixotic, or is the play quixotic? I'm not sure.

It did bring to mind a "better"(1) sports-themed song from a few years back. If you click that, you can only blame yourself.

* * *

Andy lost the first set tiebreak, 7-5. However, he's up three breaks in the second and Youzhny has clearly conceded, with Andy serving at 5-love. Not that it really matters: this is a three-hour competition to decide who gets to jump into the Big Wu tomorrow.

1 In the song's defense, it is a parody song based upon a decent source song, as opposed to Macom's more...¿sincere? original work. Of course, Andy is a Slam winner and a top-10 player while my boy Double D is a journeyman with no lateral quickness.