25 September 2006

We can be Heroes

"Heroes" pilot on NBC tonight...despite the presence of Rocky Jr. - as whiny as he ever was in Star's Hollow - it was pretty good. Critics have been effusive in their praise for Hiro, played by the brilliant Masi Oka, and for good cause. He alone provided balance in a pilot containing the aforementioned Milo V., a heroin-addicted precog who keeps seeing death and mayhem, Ali Larter and her evil reflection, and a nigh-invulnerable rah-rah. Cheerleaders are scary enough without superpowers.

Here's the thing: while I had problems and can very easily start criticizing the pilot (what the hell, I will below,) there were still a few genuine chill moments. Some were ridiculously predictable, but well filmed...then, there's the big twist. That, I didn't predict. Totally blew me away.

Since it's major-network SF in the post-"X Files" era, there's a shadowy quasi-governmental conspiracy. And since show runner Tim Kring is the ad wizard who brought us "Crossing Jordan" and "Providence"...well, don't expect much from the women on this show, really. He's breaking new personal ground by not having the stripper-mom's power involve carping about how there are no good men.

In the previews for upcoming episodes, we'll find out just how interconnected all of the heroes are. There have already been some unsubtle hints about that. We'll also get to see if Greg Grunberg can finally get out from underneath JJ's shadow. I certainly hope so, otherwise I swear he's going to end up playing young Kirk.