15 September 2006

If now he can "Die In Peace"...why doesn't he?

B-Walsh took his nasally voice onto Colbert last night. Deadspin's got video up. What pissed me off the most - 'cause something always pisses me off 'bout that wanker - was his comment regarding the Greek national team: "none of those guys could play in the NBA...not one of 'em."

Really? Because apparently there are GMs who disagree:

  • Sofoklis "Baby Shaq" Schortsianitis: drafted by the Clips with the 34th selection in 2003
  • Vassilis Spanoulis: drafted by the Mavs with the 50th selection in 2004
  • Antonis Fotsis: drafted by the Grizzlies with the 48th pick in 2001 - played 28 games in '01-'02

Are these stars? No. Does being called up in Russ Granik territory guarantee a future of Cristal, groupies, and bong? Hell no. What does it mean? That yet again, B-Walsh is talking out his ass.