26 September 2006

Rock me Amadeus

Seriously, who thinks Pinto could ever offend anyone?

A Berlin opera company cancelled a Mozart production over security fears because it features the severed heads of the Prophet Muhammad and Jesus.

I'm getting a wee bit tired of all this pussyfooting around the Prophet. We managed to get the Church off our backs sometime during the Renaissance, so let's agree not to let another church jump back on. That means if we offend someone, oh fucking well.

Muslims(1) are like that friend who just suffered a really bad breakup. You've got to be quiet and respectful and not bring up sex, or parties, or fun around him lest he start whining and moping about his one true love. At some point, you tell your friend to grow up and grow a pair. She wasn't perfect, she wasn't "the one", and she's not coming back. The Prophet wasn't perfect, he wasn't "the one", and he's not coming back.

1 Of course the same applies to all religious zealots, but for the moment we don't stop productions of "Jesus Christ Superstar" because we're worried about suicide bombers. I suspect we'll see that in our lifetimes, unfortunately.


Brian B. said...

Oh, hey, no, we can't be mean to them like that.
Jeez, don't you know we have to appease them? Can't you understand that we have to try to make them not hate us, not want to blow us up?
Holy crap CS, if we all started thinking like you, there's no telling what awful things might happen!
Why, look at how well appeasement works for Israel, right?

R.A. Porter said...

Hey, wait a minute...that's sarcasm. I recognize that!!!

Yah, political correctness is radically different from common decency, consideration, and politeness. I'm all for the latter three, but that first one pisses me off in all of its forms. Of course, in my opinion that also means the prosecutors in this case should go fuck themselves with drain snakes. One of the prices of freedom is having to avert your eyes from things that disgust or upset you.