09 August 2006

Dumped for Ned!!!

My pal-i-o might be down, but he's not out. Sure, he wanted to take Connecticut to the senior prom and she said no. Even though they've been together for, like, ever, she decided to go with that new kid, Ned. But Joe's not giving up that easily. First, he's going to get 7500 of his closest, bestest friends to sign a super special birthday card for her. Then, he's going to ask his big brother Ken if maybe he could help out.

He even got a call from that cool older kid he met at camp last summer, but he was just offering condolences and didn't have any suggestions.

Still, Joe's gonna keep calling Connecticut (even if he just hangs up the phone whenever she answers) and riding his bike past her house.


Brian B. said...

And don't it make you even more happy that if Joe runs as an independent he'll siphon off some moderate Republican votes (I believe you've already commented on this somewhere).

R.A. Porter said...

Thrilled, absolutely thrilled. In this three-way race, it's two moderate Republicans (one with questionable entertainment choices re: gambling) running against a moderate Democrat.