08 August 2006

Joe of the Sorry Face

Thank god for . What on earth would we do without him looking out for us?

"Of course I am disappointed by the results, but I am not discouraged," Lieberman said. "For the sake of our state, our country and my party, I cannot and will not let that result stand."
Like the wise, compassionate elder he is, he'll save the good people of Connecticut from their own foolishness. One must admire his willingness to sacrifice his own happiness for the trials and tribulations ahead. I for one, only wish I were still living in my home state. I know first thing tomorrow I'd be working on showing the light to the 564 people in my hometown who threw away their votes on the usurper. Usurper!!!

For that is what Ned is. Fortunately, Joe's not distracted or distressed by the loss of a primary; he'll yet ride in on his faithful steed to save us all from tragedy. With his trusty squire, Sean "Sancho" Smith, at his side, he'll right all wrongs what been done to Joe.