22 August 2006

Killing all our childhood memories, one by one

Lucas is happy
Discovered a McGuffin
Indy meets Jar Jar


Angela said...

The first time I heard of a McGuffin was from my film school boyfriend years ago. I thought it was a new McDonald's sandwich at the time.

R.A. Porter said...

A McGuffin with BBQ sauce is a tasty lunch.

B said...

I really think Cartman, as usual, says it best:
I ... am ... so ... pissed ... off ... right ... now ...

Is Lucas under the impression that Phantom Menace was good?

R.A. Porter said...

Well, it rocked, dude. I mean, you've got Jar Jar, that amazing actor playing Anakin as a kid, a Trade Federation (who doesn't love some good treaty intrigue,) and metachlorians.

I know I wasn't happy until the Force was explained to me through parasites.