11 August 2006

Ooh...my inner geek is all agog!!!

This almost makes up for the stupid Ultimate Power crossover. It even earns Warner Bros. some much needed karma points for killing Global Frequency (if you can find the torrent, WATCH IT.)

New B5!!!


Angela said...

Cooooool! :-)

Brian B. said...

CS you magnificent bastard!
B5 was, and still is, my favorite sci-fi show of all time. I still have urges to assasinate those who tried to kill it prematurely. May they burn in Hell along with the pukes who killed Farscape.
Thank you for alerting me to this. I worship the ground your car drives over!

R.A. Porter said...

If you like B5, you'd probably really like JMS's "Rising Stars" series. Run to your local nerd den to get it. Also, Sam Raimi's company is looking to produce it for television.