10 August 2006

What to do when your flight is delayed

I always receive news of thwarted terror plots with a mixture of relief and cynicism. Were these inept buffoons, big talkers, or dangerous killers? More cynically: were they even plotters, or a diversion? Today, I'm just happy that innocent deaths have been averted by our capable British and American law enforcement agencies.

Of course, there are always repercussions. The delays and cancelled flights today are causing headaches and grief across the country - and much worse in the UK. Still, at least some people can see the silver lining:

David Charters of Princeton, who arrived around 6:30 am for a 9 am flight to Calgary, was unsure he would make his flight, but was not making a fuss. “If you’re not patient, you shouldn’t be flying because things like this happen,’’ he said. “That’s why they have bars here."
It's always after 5pm somewhere.