09 August 2006

There's a word for that kind of man...


In a study of more than 5,000 U.S. couples that had recently had a baby, 14 percent of mothers and 10 percent of fathers were found to have significant levels of depression.

The percentage of affected women was in the expected range based on past research, but little has been known about fathers' risk of depression after the birth of a child.

The 10-percent rate in the current study is substantial, according to the researchers, being more than twice the rate seen among the general U.S. population of men.

What the hell? Perhaps these "men" are still sore from their episiotomies? Their nipples are chafing from nursing? They haven't been able to fit into their pre-pregnancy banana hammocks?

Of, maybe they're just depressed because they've got mopey wives, crying babies, and too little sleep.