17 August 2006

Tim Burton to Mangle Classic

Woohoo. Isn't this fantastic news. The man who almost single-handedly killed Batman (thank goodness for Christopher Nolan) for all time is going to destroy one of the greatest musicals ever created. Actually, I doubt Burton's take on Sweeney Todd will be very faithful to the original (and if we're especially lucky, not even a musical version of the story.) He seems confused by good original source material.

Sure, some of his confections are entertaining...but he should really avoid trying to retell stories told by superior talents.

At least when Kevin Smith did the chair sequence in Jersey Girl, he showed great love and understanding of the source. Affleck can't sing worth a damn, but the affection was still clear.

Eh, on further consideration I'm not really worried. Burton will toss the score and have it Oingo-Boingo-ized. It'll sound just like every single other movie he's ever done.


Angela said...

I didn't even know about the original Sweeney Todd musical until a fellow blogger told me. The blogger was a barber. How fitting.

R.A. Porter said...

That's a little creepy. I wouldn't accept either a trim, or a meatpie from him.