17 August 2006

John Lott v Freakonomics

Hi. My name is Mary Rosh and I'm guest posting here today. You might remember me from such blog postings as "John R. Lott is a Genius", "John Lott is Wicked Cool", "John Lott Fathered my Love Child: And He's Awesome", and "Steven Leavitt is a Poopy-head". Well let me tell you: it's all true!

I had him for a PhD level empirical methods class when he taught at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania back in the early 1990s, well before he gained national attention, and I have to say that he was the best professor that I ever had.
Professor Lott is suing the big poopy-head for libel and I know that I'll be there, supporting him every step of the way. He's just so insightful...it's like he's right inside my head. He knows my every thought!


Angela said...

Oh man, that is too funny.

I should be so lucky to have Mary Rosh guest post on my blog!