01 August 2006

Raise a mojito and drink to Fidel

In a bit of foreshadowing last week, Fidel Castro joked that he would not be in office at age 100. Looks like he might have been right. Of course, the Cuban expatriates in Miami are partying like it's 1959 (well, for them, probably more like the end of 1958, right before the New Year.)

This looks to be a mixed bag for Cuba:

What to Gain
What to Lose
normalized relationsuniversal healthcare
trading partnersgay rights
able bodied returneespolitical autonomy
increased tourismfreedom from American corporate control

However, it's a complete and total win for the US. First off, we get a new vacation spot with great food and music. We also get a foreign policy "victory" at a time we so desperately need something to go our way. And - this is the biggest for me - when the expats return home, it should effect a radical shift in the voting patterns of Florida.

Those expats have been one of the most reliable blocs of Republican voters in the country; as they depart, the South Florida demo will move perceptively to the left. The snowbirds are my peeps: expatriated Tri-state Jews. We're a voting bloc, too.


Anonymous said...

A "victory"? Are you kidding? The U.S. has been all bluster and talk for almost 50 years, while Fidel thumbed his nose at our attempts to invade his country and assassinate him. Now an old man is ailing and dying and you want to chalk it up as "victory"? I suppose you think that brilliant strategist George W. Bush came up with this one.

R.A. Porter said...

Wow. I know sarcasm can be hard to detect in writing, but the quotes didn't give it away??? Seriously?

And the clear indication (not sarcastic) that it would be good for Florida to tack leftward...mightn't that have been a clue that I'm not a fan of Georgie-porgie and his party???

Brian B. said...

Ya see what kind of foaming at the mouth ding-dongs you're in bed with?

Hates so much he can't see the "subtle nuances" of your prose.

Still jealous of your car by the way...

R.A. Porter said...

I expect as much from the crazies on both sides. Y'all got a lot of crazies on your side, too. Let's not forget.

It's FAST, too Brian. :)