22 October 2007

All I did was add science. And a love seat.

My week ahead, like my week and -end passed, is gonna suck. But I had some seriously good laughs tonight to release some endorphins. First, there was this week's HIMYM. A return to good. I didn't have to pick one or two moments in the episode that made me laugh; I'd have to search for the moments that didn't. Fingers and toes are crossed hoping Carter and Bays have reminded Old Scratch that their souls are still forfeit. And kudos for inventing yet another Mendoza Line.

After the joy of watching my old friends getting baked on sandwiches, we watched a few first season 30 Rocks which kept the juices flowing. Finally, I cracked open Tales from the Bully Pulpit which arrived today. Now, I've been trying to get my hands on one of these since I first read about it on Chris Sims' old site (as opposed to his fresh, clean, new site.) You can't begin to know how excited I was for it to arrive.

How hard is it to find a copy of this one shot from Benito Cereno and Graeme MacDonald from *way* back in 2004? Damn near impossible. I'd bid on one a few months back and lost when I wouldn't go above $75 for it (cover price on this three-year-old Image comic: $6.95.) Two weeks ago, I had an email notifying me that another copy was available for auction. This time, I got lucky.

Question: How can you go wrong with Teddy Roosevelt, the ghost of Thomas Edison, and the ol' rail splitter hisself, Abe Lincoln, opening a can of whupass on robot Hitler on Mars?!?!?!?

Answer: you can not.

Indeed you are, Mr. President. Indeed you are.

I'm not saying this is the greatest comic ever, but it's damn close. Martians, race wars, flying elephants and giant cats. This book's got *everything*. Even science.