24 October 2007

Isn't there a Ferragamo store in D.C. you should be headed off to?

Shut your mouth, you gap-toothed bitch. Condie wants Congress to stop picking on her buddies, the Turks. Oh please, don't vote on that Genocide resolution! It'll make the Turks cry.

'We have extremely imporant strategic interests with the Turks,' Rice said, appealing to the House as a whole not to vote on the controversial resolution.

'This was something that was a horrible event in the mass killings that took place, but at the time of the Ottoman Empire. These are not the Ottomans,' she said of the modern-day Turkish state.
Really? Well, if the present-day Turks aren't the Ottomans, than they couldn't possibly be offended by the Genocide resolution. Unless they hate the Armenians as much as their grandparents did and want the world to look away - with help from Condie - while they butcher the rest.