06 October 2007

He could play Cadet Castillo in Miami Vice Academy

Thankfully, SciFi isn't going to make me watch their abysmal Flash Gordon (even the cover of Queen's great song sucks in this version) to see the webisodes leading up to Razor. In the first episode, up this week, we meet rookie Viper pilot William "Husker" Adama.

Holy shit they cast well. He's got Edward James Olmos's heavily pockmarked face and still could pass as Jamie Bamber's brother. I am so looking forward to this flick - Yay! Miranda Fucking Zero*!!! - and this final season of BSG it's a little sad. I'm like a kid, counting down the days until Hanukkah Harry brings me tube socks.

For those of you who don't know, I had an opportunity to read the screenplay for Ron Moore's series finale to BSG. How, I'll never say. But it was shocking and brilliant and broke my heart a little bit. Personally, I'd be a whole lot happier if I didn't already know how it all ends, but it's too late to un-know it.

Surprisingly, some friends wanted the mystery ruined for them, so I transcribed the final scene. There's a link to it in the sidebar, but for the feed fans, here's a direct link. Don't blame me after you read it if I've ruined BSG for you. It's your choice to read it or not.

Regardless, Razor is coming to SciFi November 24.

* If you haven't seen the Global Frequency pilot, good on you. You aren't one a them thar internetty pirates, yarrr! Of course, you're also a damn fool. I would help you out on this, but of course *I* have never seen the pilot. I'd also suggest picking up Warren Ellis's original GF comics. You can get them in two volumes: Global Frequency Vol. 1: Planet Ablaze; and Global Frequency Vol. 2: Detonation Radio


Beckylooo said...

Holy. Shit.

You could not pay me a million trillion dollars to jump to the end like that.

Honestly, I wish I hadn't read that you're a bit heart broken. Even that's too much info.

R.A. Porter said...

Coward. ;)

And nice to know you're very trusting of strangers on the internet who say they've come across extremely rare, unusual, and unlikely items. Could I interest you in some candy, little girl? ;)