02 October 2007

Whoa! Cue cards!

Reason #37 to live in a real city* as opposed to this waystation in the frackin' desert: Point Break LIVE!

The Brechtian blockbuster, which garnered a "Seattle P-I Best of Seattle 2004" award during its run in the Northwest, features armed robbery, big-wave surfing, car chases, explosions, and no less than two extended skydiving sequences. Best of all, you could be the next Johnny Utah... the starring role of Keanu will be selected at random from the audience each night, and will read their entire script off of cue-cards.
It's playing in LA starting 12 October.
via Deadspin, of all places.

* I know. I'm stretching the concept "real city" by including LA, but it does have an awful lot of cultural advantages to the senior citizen sandbox.