20 October 2007

Ess A Tee You Are!

Woohoo! Saturday night and home on the 'puter. Well, not home, but sitting on a crappy-soft chair in our temporary home. Yay!

Drove by the house today and peeked in the windows. It looks like all the accent stains are completed on the floor, but not the primary - a nice, chocolaty english leather. Grabbed about three bites of a crappy burger and came back here. Where I sit. Uncomfortable, unmotivated to write, with nothing to do.

The wife's already gone to bed (she might be reading, or might be trying to sleep) and here I sit, surfing the web, looking for anything with which to occupy myself until I at least make it to 11pm. See, the bed's much worse than all the rest of the furniture, so beyond the fact that I'd like not to admit my life is completely over by going to bed before 11 on a Saturday night, I really don't want to get into that torture device.

Quick bit of advice to all the single uns out there...don't get married. Seriously. It's one thing to stay in of an evening 'cause you're tired, or want to get some work done, or want to veg in front of the TV. It's wholly another when that's every night of your life because, well, you ended it by saying "I do". There are many advantages to married life, I won't deny that. But it does require you redefine, by narrowing, the word "life".

S'nuff bitchin' from me tonight.