20 October 2007

Ladies! Eyes down there! Please?

Hey ladies...if I wore pants with a brightly colored patch over the crotchal areas, would you maybe do me the favor of a glance from time to time? I'm gonna get a complex!

From the Online News Association conference in Toronto, two researchers displayed maps showing website eyetracking. No shock: the top right of any webpage is a deadzone. Small shock: dudes like to check out the competition's packages. Big shock: apparently we also consider dogs competition.

The revelation that the wandering eyes belonged to the males was embarrassing enough for the men in the audience, but researchers Laura Ruel and Nora Paul had a further humiliation in store. They got the same results when they repeated the experiment with pictures on the American Kennel Club site.
Crap. Seriously? It's bad enough I'm genetically hardwired to look at other dudes' johnsons (and puppy peckers,) but girls don't? Really? So why the hell did I spend all that money on that penis pump?

I guess I'll just convert it into a bong.

via Deadspin


sme said...

That's awesome.

However, I totally check out baseball's players butts (and football too) when I'm watching a game. Not the crotch so much, but the butts, definitely.

R.A. Porter said...

Great. That does me no damn good. I have a white man's butt. Ie: no butt. And I didn't buy a butt expander. :(