02 October 2007

New Miserables Experience

There's video above, FeedReader!
This week's HIMYM was not well-loved. I am personally shocked by this, as I think it was funnier than the season premiere (then again, I despise Mandy Moore.) On Sepinwall's blog, it got pretty well beat up, first by Alan and then by most of the commenters. Opined I, early on, that I liked it a lot, because the cold open was so smooth, with a perfect rule-of-3 gag for Ted that paid off in spades.

One other commenter had much love for the episode and I followed links to her blog and wouldn't you know it, she's a spec monkey. Shoulda guessed! Anyway, taking a look over her archives, I found the great clip above. I can't believe I'd never seen it before. I just wish they'd done a three-part harmony instead so Megan could have joined in on top. Ah, Rosemary.