18 October 2007

Pick a Peck to Pickle Beckett

That's Danielle Peck. Cute, isn't she? I'd never heard of her before this morning, but apparently she's "a rising star in the [country music] industry". Tonight, in a big boost to her burgeoning career, she'll be singing the national anthem and "God Bless America" at the Jake.

I'll admit that I'm not up on the current crop of country stars. They're basically interchangeable mannequins with booth-sweetened voices who sing pop songs with a steel guitar. So maybe Danielle is an up-and-coming mannequin. Or maybe, she got the gig because she's Josh Beckett's ex.

Josh Beckett is starting for the Sawks tonight, you know.

As a Yankees fan, I'm predisposed to wish all sorts of plagues upon the Boston Bastards, the Southie Swine, the Chappaquid Dicks. So I'm thrilled by this turn of events. Way to go Tribe! I just wish they'd do more. Invite Manny's hairstylist to throw out the first pitch. Bring back the reliever cars and have Youkilis' rabbi drive it to the mound. Whatever it takes.

On a more serious note, I'd probably just ask Danielle (live and on the Jumbotron) how Josh *really* gets all those blisters on his finger.

via Deadspin


sme said...

Ouch. Them's some fightin' words.

R.A. Porter said...

which fightin' words? What me say? Oh no...you're not a Sawks fan, are ya?!?


sme said...

Not especially, no - although I will always root for them over the Yanks. I was referring to the blister comment. It had an extra bite to it that I thought was pretty awesome.

R.A. Porter said...

So *that's* how Beckett got the blisters. Danielle was *biting* his finger too much!!!