18 October 2007

Why the fuck do I bother?

I spent about an hour writing a not nice, very long post this evening. I decided to shut my mouth and bottle up yet more aggression by not posting it. Figure it'll just be easier that way. My life is shit. Why not keep piling on?


Beckylooo said...

I've been trying to come up with something witty and spirit-lifting. I got nothing.

Sorry shit feels bleak. I'm sending all kinds of positive vibes in your general direction.

In the immortal words of Michael Scott, "The good thing about the American Dream is you can always go to sleep and try again tomorrow."

R.A. Porter said...

Thank you kindly. And let me tell you, those vibes are...


they tickle!!!

ooooh, that's the spot!

...working great.

sme said...

I can relate - as of right now I have 3 blogs in draft form that I just can't bear to post because they are too depressing/angry/personal.

Here's hoping for better times ahead.