17 October 2007

Tricky Dick served spotted dick by Cavett, Dick

I've been really enjoying the Dick Cavett blog at the Times. The most recent posting is full of awkward silences, crickets chirping, and a comic bombing. But that's what you get for trying to do standup while waiting tables.

I guess it was out of some dumb desire to amuse the waiters that I grabbed up two menus. Approaching the famous seated pair from behind, I piped, “Our specials today include the Yorba Linda soufflĂ©, the Whittier College clam chowder . . .” I invented a few more fictional Nixon-related specials; you get the idea. At least I self-censored any Checkers or Watergate references.
Interestingly enough, while Cavett's final joke woulda killed any other audience, I think Tricky Dick pulled an awfully funny one out on not-Tricky Dick with his "How are his knees?" line.