25 October 2007

Shat tells us 'bout handing the women-folk

There's video above, FeedReader

Okay, what can I say about this? You've got Shatner, his shirt buttoned down to his happy trail, talk-singing "How to Handle a Woman" from Camelot. The Shat is, and always has been, the shit. He's a mightily talented actor (with a few quirks and tics that are very mockable) who early on learned to embrace the camp. Imagine if Christopher Walken had played an iconic character for three years early in his career and you've got William Shatner - talented, funny, enjoys himself, doesn't take himself too seriously. The only real difference is that Walken never got typecast (and dances well.)

So Shat can't sing. That's been long established (and if you've never heard his "Lucy..." or "Tambourine Man" I feel both sorry and envious for/of you!) But he has fun when he does it. It makes Has Been a fun album. Of course, the piano stylings and producing of Ben Folds don't hurt on that front.

This clip is classic Shat. All sizzle, baby. He doesn't put sizzle on top of his steak, he puts sizzle on top of more sizzle!!! But as cheesy as it is? As bad as it sounds? It's better than Richard Burton on the original B'way recording. Whoever thought that was a good idea needs a firm kick in the nards.

via Occasional Superheroine