21 October 2007

Just give me one more day, buddy. I'll make the payments, I swear! I can't work without my liver!!!

It's an interesting time to be a fan of movie musicals. I'm not 100% sure it's a good time, but it's certainly interesting. This December, of course, we've got Sweeney coming to the big screen. Despite my misgivings, I'll certainly be there opening weekend (partly to avoid any potential negative word.) And coming next April, Repo! The Genetic Opera!

Alright. I'm intrigued. Here we've got a film from the writer/director of Saw II, director of Saw III, and, if IMDB is to be believed, a honey wagon attendant on The X Files - Darren Lynn Bousman who went ahead and shot a short of his horror-musical to shop around the studios. Once he got financing, he put together an eclectic cast for the big screen bonanza. Let's take a few at "random":

  • Paul Sorvino - a trained and solid opera singer
  • Paris Hilton - a trained skank who knows how to keep her throat exercised
  • Anthony Stewart Head - a trained and solid stage actor/singer, still waiting for his "One Night in Bangkok" freak break-out hit
  • Sarah Brightman - I'm afraid if I say what I think of her, her legion of fans will descend upon me like a plague of locusts. Suffice it to say the less talented half of the Webber/Rice combo ended up marrying a woman right up his alley: schmaltzy; long-winded; brimming with faux-romanticism; and seriously over-rated.
  • Alexa Vega - hey! I really liked those Spy Kids movies!
Twisted Pictures put together a "special look" at the movie for Spike TV's Scream Awards and it looks like someone snuck in a camera phone. Watch here, or on Spike TV October 23.


sme said...

Not a fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber, eh? I was pretty obsessed with him as a pre-teen. Did you see the Phantom of the Opera movie? I walked out of it about twenty minutes in - I couldn't stand to have it ruined.

I'm really nervous about Sweeney Todd. I almost don't even want to go, because if the experience is at all similar to The Phantom experience I'll be crushed.

R.A. Porter said...

I like his earlier stuff - all the work Tim Rice improved.

Michele / akkasha said...

I am a bit frightened by the Repo Man musical but curious. Don't know if I will run out to see it in a theater, but definitely a rental.

Right there with you on Webber & Brightman. (And Hilton, but she really doesn't count for anything other than an annoyance.) I think they are both way overrated. Rice was what made the early stuff good.

I am looking forward to seeing Head get some serious screen time with that. He is a terrific actor with a great voice. Still wish Burton had the good sense to use him more in Sweeney.

R.A. Porter said...

Actually, I *believe* he's been cut from Sweeney along with Christopher Lee. When Johnny's daughter got sick, they had to make some changes to the shooting schedule which meant Lee had to bail. As I've read it, their parts were just cut out.

Mind you, that's gossip on ASH, so I could be wrong.