10 October 2007

On a five year mission to...what? We're canceled already? Crap. Fine. Let the Earth Explode!

I'd be more thrilled by this if I got SciFi in HD; however, because I have the one-and-only HD DirecTivo, I can't get all the new MPEG-4 channels. We figure in a few months, after the floor, after the holidays, we'll explore our options through DirecTV and *gulp* Cox cable. Until then, just a handful of HD channels.

Anyway, starting this Friday on SciFi, they'll be re-running Odyssey 5. This was a great show that I caught a couple years back after it had been shit-canned by Showtime. Unfortunately, it only lasted one season instead of the five that Manny Coto had planned out. Still, this is a great little show with a nice blend of serialized mythos - they are, after all, trying to save the Earth from certain destruction - and episodic story-telling. A little The X Files in feel, but fewer scenes shot in dark tunnels.

It stars Buckaroo Banzai as Chuck Taggart and has a great cast, including the criminally under-appreciated Jake 2.0 as his son Neil.

If you liked The X Files, or any of the since-canceled dark, serial SF shows, give this one a shot. Or, just buy it here.