24 October 2007

Give new meaning to "Save the Cheerleader"

I don't watch Heroes. I know that's a shock. It should be right in my wheelhouse. Unfortunately, it's got a little too much emo and a lot too much Milo. That bitch can ruin anything. Hell, I used to like GG (until ASP shot her wad and I finally realized that Alexis Bledel wasn't acting like a dim, scatterbrained teenager around the 5th season.) But when Jess showed up - all 5'1" of his broody, James Dean's younger, dumber, less attractive, midget brother - it really put a damper on the show.

That dude can suck the energy out of any scene, anywhere, anytime.

That dude can make me turn off Lauren Graham!

So no, I don't watch Heroes.

However, I'm glad someone working on that show feels the same way I do about Milo.

Check out Peter Petrelli's passport!