10 October 2007

The Jarlsberg is on the table

Good golly! So far, so good. My face aches watching this show. Aches from smiling from ear to ear for a full hour. Actually, I think this episode was better than the "Pie-lette". So good, all I can do is spot check some of the greatness. And trust me, this will be incoherent unless you watched. You are watching, right??!?!

  • small cheese box
  • skeletons in the closet
  • Emerson's knit gun cozies
  • "Her information was valuable and the price was...pie."
  • "You love secrets. You want to marry secrets and have little half-secret, half-human babies."
  • Professor Landry and his batty rant about ritalin and botany
  • Kissing through body bags while Emerson knits an escape
  • Landry driving an Earth-killing Hummer
  • "...and Digby considered how much he liked salt."
  • plus, Glinda and Digby sang a duet while Manuel polished the floors!


sme said...

I'm not watching, but I do have a great fondness for Jarlsburg!

Beckylooo said...

So. Good.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Nobody does TV like Sonnenfeld: "Maximum Bob," "The Tick" and "Karen Sisco."

I love "Pushing Daisies," but ABC has a bad track record ("Bob" and "Sisco") with him and they'll cancel it the very second that comes in third in its time slot. Then whatever replaces his show always does twice as bad, so you would think that the network execs would be patient for a change.

R.A. Porter said...

In the network's verrrry small defense, Sonnenfeld's shows are pricey. The way Karen Sisco looked - glossy, cinematic - I was shocked they kept it around as long as they did.

As for The Tick...razzafrazza mmblmmlml damn FOX!!! How they canceled that instead of letting it grow its audience is beyond me.