28 October 2007

RSS Memory

Occasionally, someone posts something they wish they hadn't - too personal, too melodramatic, too typo-ridden, too-too. The sensible thing to do is delete it. Gone. No longer on the blog. A dead post.

Except for those pesky RSS feeds. The RSS feeds are like fjords and those deleted posts just keep pinin' for 'em.

(Damn. That is one crap-fest of a joke there. Some days you get the parrot and some days the parrot gets you.)

Now, *I* have not done this, but someone whose blog I read recently did. Thought I'd give said person a heads up. So here it is. Or here. Personally, I prefer Anka's sweet swingin' style to MFP, but either will serve.

And let's be clear: I like the *covers*, not the shite original by that shite band. "Bigger than the Beatles" my ass.