01 October 2007

Should have written, didn't write. Must be Monday.

Another evening without writing. Very depressing. Especially since I'd started to mentally outline a short pulp story on my drive home from the shit-job. I've been meaning to repurpose a character I created a while back into something frothy and fun to submit to Astonishing Adventures and was making some real headway into the story, but then there was dinner and afterwards I got caught up watching tv instead. Since there's only a half-hour I care about on Mondays (HIMYM) and an extra half tonight to try the pilot of Aliens in America, it should have been easy to put in a few hours. Instead, there was a lot of junk watched for no good reason.

Maybe tomorrow.

Who knows? Maybe I'll work on that AND the bible for the web cartoon AND the pilot spec that needs refinement AND that DAMN 30 Rock spec I keep putting off. Or I'll download porn. You know, for research.