03 October 2007

Stupid is as Stupid does

Jesus. You'd think I'd learn. I let myself get dragged into a discussion online (on a right-wing blog, no less) with a criminally stupid person. It started out simple enough. During one of the commenter's idiotic assaults on global warming science (debating the current state of the research and the current analysis of said research is not per se stupid...this guy? stupid) he said that it was warmer in the summer because the Earth is closer to the sun. I'd had enough of his ID-like comments, so I jumped in to explain why the Earth is warmer and point out that it was a coincidence that perihelion occurs during the summer. In the southern hemisphere's summer, aphelion occurs.

That should have been that. No debate. No argument. No getting dragged along into a "discussion" with said moron. Instead I broke my own rules and let myself "debate" with the Special Ed dropout.

Unfortunately, society frowns on killing the criminally stupid. Someday, though. Someday we'll live in a world where...well some of us will live there...a world where all the stupid people have done us the favor of using their hair dryers in the shower, or choking on the wheels from their Thomas the Tank, or hiring Blackwater for personal security. Until that day, the rest of us must suffer.