20 October 2007

Next time, tackle instead of pointing and whining

That's right, bitches. We on top the Big East!

See, I don't watch much football anymore (and no NFL.) It's too much of a timesuck - Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays...is there even a night without football anymore? But last night we were in a bar getting dinner and the UConn-Louisville game was on. I got to watch the refs choke on their dicks on the Not-Fair catch TD and got to see the piece of shit makeup call a short while later on the Huskies recovered punt. Oh yeah, and we won the game! Suh-weet.

I still stand by my statement from what, four or five years ago now: UConn *will* be the Football National Champions no later than 2020. Hopefully on a year both my boys and girls annihilate all the basketball pretenders.


I'll accept any bets any y'all wanna make. I've been hearing the laughs for years now about how UConn can't compete with the big football schools. Interesting that the same people laughing now were laughing 20 years ago about UConn basketball. Any bets!


Michele / akkasha said...

*bewildered* I have to confess, I don't see *why* you care.

This is the same school that elected to ignore the fact that several athletes yelled homophobic comments at people they presumed were gay. They were athletes who were important. So why take any action?

Same school that sunk millions into a stadium that was too small to hold the basketball season ticket and made the pool 6" too short to be usable for competitions.

I have no use for any of the UConn sports teams. Even less use for them than the other sports teams.

R.A. Porter said...

I do understand that (and draw eternal mirth from the fact that the pool under the floor at Gampel is too short,) but distance lends enchantment. I've been away long enough to put my on-campus hatred of the athletic program behind me. Being a sports fan, CT native, and almost-alum (12 credits is nothing, I tell ya...I'm going to get that Physics degree to add to my CS degree any day now) I'm happy to root for them.

Also, remember you don't care about sports much at all and I do, so there is a pretty fundamental difference there.

If I were to discount all sports programs that encouraged homophobic behavior...I'd be left rooting for women's golf and hockey.