28 October 2007

Must get me some comment cards...


It's always refreshing to see people nearly as crotchety and hateful as I. Oh, they may think they're as hateful. But you and I dear reader, we know differently.

But someone should let Trixie know that assholes aren't a waste of carbon. They're carbon sinks. That's why I can drive a gas guzzling sports car, because some d-bag is storing my carbon credits in his fat ass.

Whene'er a ricer races me
A Twinkie, fat boy eats
His gaping maw he stuffs with cream
And sundry other treats

A carbon sink's not hard to find
At Denny's ev'ry meal
At NASCAR tracks on Sundays too
(Though not behind the wheel)

It's fine to keep your SUV
Don't have a guilt attack
Go find a fat boy hungry 'nough
And offer him a snack

via Warren Ellis